Interview: Sakshi Sureka, Director, Societynmore

ST Bureau
This interview is a part of Startup Terminal interview series to mark the occasion of 'International Women's Day'
ST: Please tell us more about yourself.
Sakshi Sureka: I am the first woman entrepreneur in my family and I feel it was my passion to create, along with a lot of support from my husband , that has helped me develop a service which is the need of the hour.
On the personal front, I love to travel with my family and also love food and good music. I compensate my love for food by following a very regular exercise regime.
ST: Who is your biggest influence in life?


Sakshi Sureka: My strength and my entrepreneurial spirit comes from my father and my husband.

My father was brought up in Kolkata, but due to lack of business opportunities, he set up his base in a small town Hubli, where he ventured into a completely new business at a very small scale. But his never-give-up attitude and hard work finally got him the requisite success after multiple failure instances in the business. In fact, he was the one who could taught me to detach myself from past experiences and move on. A lesson which is very valuable when you start a new business since success and failures go hand-in-hand on a daily basis.
When I met my husband, in an arrange marriage set-up, I perhaps saw of reflection of these qualities and was instantly attracted to him. While my husband was in a corporate job, he has also worked his way up by sheer hard work and determination.
On my moments of weakness I turn towards them for finding my way ahead.
ST: What challenges do you face in your day to day professional life, if any?
Sakshi Sureka: Internally the challenge is people management - it gets difficult to communicate with employees in terms of expectation management with respect to work. Externally - when you deal with societies you are not dealing with a corporate structure. One deals with different people, some may not have even worked in a corporate environment .One also works with the support staff of societies and its difficult to get these disparate group of people together, in time to ensure seamless work.
ST: Where do you want to see yourself in next 5 years down the line?
Sakshi Sureka: On the pure business premise, we plan to make Societynmore the preferred tool for managing Housing Societies. We want to capture at least 50% of the society management work in the cities we are present currently and also expand our technology offering to all other cities in the country as well as overseas.

In addition to that, we also hope to develop our software to support a strong & interactive society platform wherein the society members can know & interact with neighborhood towards creation of great Community living experience.
Besides, we are also looking to enhance our security tech platform (Gatekeeper) for effective security management and also integrate the same with Fingerprint & Biometrics device to provide more intelligent security tool for gated communities.
Going forward, we also hope to use our software to support environmental issues like save water, waste management & create greener Society by promoting paperless administration.
ST: What is your message to the readers on ‘International Women’s Day’?

Sakshi Sureka: Pursue your dream with passion and dedication but don’t forget that your health comes first.