How to Add new Fixed Assets?

Please find the below step to add new fixed assets:- 
A. Create GL Account

Step 1:- Go to Accounts Section

Step 2:- Settings Button

Step 3:- Click on Add GL Account in System configuration

Step 4:- Select type of Account

Step 5:- Select Tag as

Step 6:- Select G/L group name

Step 7:- Type account name

Step 8:- Click on Add Account

B. Book Fixed Assets

Step 1:- Go To Assets & Investments

Step 2:- Click on Add New Fixed Asset in Fixed Assets

Step 3:- Enter Purchase date

Step 4:- Enter Narration in Asset Description

Step 5:- Enter the rate of Depreciation

Step 6:- Enter Scrap Value

Step 7:- Select Mode of calculation for Depreciation

Step 8:- Select mode Period

Step 9:- Select Vendor

Step 10:- Select Debit GL account with GST and the taxable amount

Step 11:- Enter amount in respective Accounts on Debit side

Step 12:- Select Credit GL account with TDS Account

Step 13:- Enter amount in respective Accounts on the Credit side

Step 14:- Click on Add Fixed Assets