How to Add new Fixed Deposit in Bulk?

Please follow the below step upload fixed deposit through excel:- 

Step 1:- Go to Accounts Section

Step 2:- Assets & Investments

Step 3:-  Investments

Step 4:- Fixed Deposit Excel Upload

Step 5:- Download template 

Step 6:- In column A enter Investment date

Step 7:- In Column B enter FRD no

Step 8:- In column C  enter Principal Amount (Rs.)

Step 9:- In column D enter Rate of interest (%)

Step 10:- In column E enter Mode

Step 11:- In column F Maturity Date

Step 12:- In column G enter Frequency

Step 13:- In column H enter Maturity Amount 

Step 14:- In column I enter Details/narration

Step 15:- In column J enter Debit to account

Step 16:- In Column K Enter Credit to account

Step 17:- In Column L Enter Interest to be recorded into

Step 18:- In column M enter penalty to be recorded into

Step 19:- Than upload file in Portal

Step 20:- Click on submit button