How to Execute Transfer flat

In this case, we need to Execute transfer Flat, Please follow below steps to Transfer Flat.
Before Transfer Flat make sure There is no Debit or Credit Balance against particular Flat and Date of Transfer should be discussed in recent Managing committee Meeting 
Steps for Transfer-
Click on Setting -->> Click on Transfer Flat -->> Search the flat which need to Transfer and click on Transfer button -->> Upload documents (If available any if not the select the checkbox to cancel uploading) and click on Next -->> Enter Managing Committee in Authority for transfer -->> Enter Date of Transfer in Date of cessation -->> Add details of New Member as per Below

  Select From Existing Member
If new Member is existing Member of your society
   Add Member  
If New Member is register with SNM but not your society society Member
  Add New Member 
If New Member is not Member of SNM nor you're society in Past.

After that click on Save button