How to set up parking charges?

Please follow the below step update parking details:- 

A.Setup Charges for parking:-

Step 1:- Go to the Setting Button

Step 2:- Click on Parking Charges Button.

Step 3:- If you have multiple parking charges. Here you can set up that.

Step 4:- For e.g 1st two-wheeler Rs.100/- and 2nd two-wheeler Rs.200/- same setup for four wheeler.


B.Upload Vehicle details / Update Parking details:-

I. Excel upload / Bulk upload:-

Step 4:- Go to the setting Button

Step 6:- Flat details excel upload

Step 7:- Select a vehicle details tab

Step 8:- Click here to download the template

Step 9:- In excel template enter wing no.& flat no.,parking sticker no., parking type, vehicle type, vehicle no., etc..

Step 10:- Again come to setting Button

Step 11:- Flat details excel upload

Step 12:- Select a Vehicle details

Step13:- Browse this template -- >> Click on Upload Button

II.Manually Update:- 

Step 1:- Go to the Members button

Step 2:- Member List

Step 3:- Go to the Respective Member

Step 4:- Click on Edit tab

Step 5:- Go down and Click on Edit Vehicle Details 

Step 6:- Enter the vehicle details

Step 7:- Click on Save button