How to View Register of Complaints raised by the resident?

All the helpdesk tickets raised by the Members or Residents are available along with Ageing, in the Manage Complaints report. This report is very useful for Manager or Administrator of the Society to be able to take action against any helpdesk ticket raised by the Members and also for Assignment of job/task to an external Vendor or closure of ticket. Once the complaint ticket is closed in this report, the Member is notified through email & SMS about the same.
This report can be accessed as follows:-

Step 1:- Go to Home Page

Step 2:- Click on Complaint menu from the main menu bar

Step 3:- Click on Manage Complaint to see all the complaints which have been logged by the Residents or Members

Step 4:- Any action on complaint ticket can be taken by way of assignment or closure by clicking on these choices available in this report in the last column named as "Action".