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1) What is Societynmore?

Societynmore is complete ERP solution for administration, management and accounting of residential or commercial complexes, apartments or Societies. Any individual member can register their society online or submit a request for free demo. Its an online system for housing and commercial Societies for management of Society affairs in a transparent manner. It brings together all the members of Society and allow access to many added features for Society members.  

2) How much Societynmore cost?

The Membership to Societynmore is almost free @ Rs.25 per unit per month. 

3) How do I start with Societynmore for my apartment complex or Society?

You can start by registering as Society on our home page or click on "Request for Demo" tag on the home page at Once you register your Society, we will reach out to you at the given email address and/or contact number to fix up a time for demo for setup.

4) Can we use the system for trial?

  Yes, we can offer you two weeks trial period Free of cost. If you like the system then we can proceed with the paid subscription package.

5) Is the data stored online are safe and secured?

Yes, we use SSL security in the entire website to keep your data safe and secured in encrypted form. 

In addition, we have deployed antivirus and Firewall to protect from any kind external virus attack or malewares

Moreover, we use dedicated server which are not shared with anyone. 


6) Can any member access any other Members data from the same society or complex?

We have modular access matrix for all Titles in a Society/Complex. Modular access feature provides flexible access rights set up which allows Members to access only their own information except for some basic information aboutt other members in terms of name and unit number. Only the office bearers or system administrators can access the entire data provided the access rights are set up for those Users.

7) Can the Society billing be completely automated including interest calculation for late payment?

Yes, our billing module is made to accomodate all billing formulae and methods. We can set it up based on your requirements and Interest calculation methods can be designed to suit the existing practice.

8) Can the Society manage society events and communicate with Members?

Yes, our events  for the Society and all members can be communicated on email and SMS for the event. We also have RSVP option by which the members acceptance for attending to the event can be tracked.

9) Can the office bearers set up an online poll on any matter relating to Society?

Yes, our polling booth module allows polling for any matter and the same gets communicated to all the members on email. Not only this, the voting options are populated on mail itself for ny member to select their voted option from email directly. Polling can be set up anonymously and the polling results can be printed for use at society meetings.




1) What kind of payments can be made by Society Members

Society Members can make payment of any bills relating to society maintenance or otherwise which are issued by the Society office bearers.


2) How does Payment Gateway help in payments for Members

  •  A member can logon to using their login IDs and password and select the bills from the billing section on the Society page.
  •  The member can make payment of the selected bill, using the make payment icon and selecting the mode as online payment.
  •  Once the online payment mode is selected the member gets redirected to the Payment gateway along with the Merchant details of that Society.
  •  Member can select the mode of payment as Credit Card or Debit Card or Netbanking.
  • The funds flow from the members account/credit card to the account of the Payment Gateway. This is an RBI monitored bank account.
  •  Upon successful payment, the payment gateway redirects the member to Remindnmore portal’s payment confirmation screen along with the amount paid


3) Does the Member gets any notification of the successful payment?

Societynmore mails a payment receipt to the member with complete details of the payment immediately on successful execution of payment.


4) How does the payment gets transferred to the Society?

The payment gateway transfers the money received from any member to the respective Society’s Bank Account directly.