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Expecting a reward from BMC for separating waste? Don't hold your breath!   30-10-2019

BMC's reward for separating waste was 15 per cent relief on property tax; it now says concession only on the general component of the tax.

After promising a 15 per cent tax concession for societies which engage in solid waste management, the evaluation procedure that the civic body has come up with will lead to societies getting only a small fraction of the total tax as discount.

"The 15 per cent concession will be offered only on the general component — which varies from 10 to 30 per cent — of the total property tax," said a Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) official. This effectively means, if the property tax is Rs 100, the general tax component within it will be anything between Rs 10-30. The maximum 15 per cent discount will be given on this component, which would make the highest possible discount come up to Rs 4.5.

Government extends sports scheme to cooperative housing societies in Maharashtra   08-08-2019

 The societies will get Rs 15,000 each for football, badminton and cricket equipment, and Rs 12,000 each for volleyball and basketball. For yoga, the societies will each get Rs 10,000, for open gymnasiums they will each get Rs 50,000, and for exercise cycles, they will each get Rs 5,000.

In a bid to promote sports and physical exercise, the state government has decided to reach out to residents at their doorstep and extend its scheme of distributing sports equipment to cooperative housing societies.

In a government resolution, the state’s school education and sports department said the state government had prepared a policy in 2012 to promote sports in by providing financial assistance to government and private educational institutes, registered sports organisations and associations, sports clubs and local civic bodies for the development of sports facilities.

Recommendations of the 33rd GST Council meeting   24-02-2019

Real estate sector is one of the largest contributors to the national GDP and provides employment opportunity to large numbers of people. “Housing for All by 2022” envisions that every citizen would have a house and the urban areas would be free of slums. There are reports of slowdown in the sector and low off-take of under-construction houses which needs to be addressed. To boost the residential segment of the real estate sector, following recommendations were made by the GST Council in its 33 meeting held today:

2. GST rate:

i. GST shall be levied at effective GST rate of 5% without ITC on residential properties outside affordable segment;
ii. GST shall be levied at effective GST of 1% without ITC on affordable housing properties.
3. Effective date: The new rate shall become applicable from 1 of April, 2019.
4. Definition of affordable housing shall be:- A residential house/flat of carpet area of upto 90 sqm in non-metropolitan cities/towns and 60 sqm in metropolitan cities having value upto Rs. 45 lacs (both for metropolitan and non-metropolitan cities). Metropolitan Cities are Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi NCR (limited to Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Faridabad), Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai (whole of MMR).
5. GST exemption on TDR/ JDA, long term lease (premium), FSI:
Intermediate tax on development right, such as TDR, JDA, lease (premium), FSI shall be exempted only for such residential property on which GST is payable.
6. Details of the scheme shall be worked out by an officers committee and shall be approved by the GST Council in a meeting to be called specifically for this purpose.
7. Advantages of the recommendations made:
The new tax rate in principle was approved by the Council taking into consideration the following advantages:-
i. The buyer of house gets a fair price and affordable housing gets very attractive with GST @ 1%.
ii. Interest of the buyer/consumer gets protected; ITC benefits not being passed to them shall become a non-issue. 
iii. Cash flow problem for the sector is addressed by exemption of GST on development rights, long term lease (premium), FSI etc.
iv. Unutilized ITC, which used to become cost at the end of the project gets removed and should lead to better pricing.
v. Tax structure and tax compliance becomes simpler for builders.
8. GST Council decided that the issue of tax rate on lottery needs further discussion in the GoM constituted in this regard.
The decisions of the GST Council have been presented in this note in simple language for easy understanding. The same would be given effect to through Gazette notifications/ circulars which alone shall have force of law. 


Maharashtra Govt announces stamp duty amnesty scheme -2019   07-02-2019

 MUMBAI: Maharashtra Government on Wednesday announced the stamp duty amnesty scheme whereby property purchasers who did not pay stamp duty on purchase agreements can regularise the sale by paying duty with a nominal penalty. 

Under the scheme, flat-owners who did not pay stamp duty on their home-purchase agreements will get a chance to regularise their purchase by paying up the stamp duty within a specific time-frame. 
Announcing the Stamp Duty Amnesty Scheme 2008, a senior official today said that under this scheme, anyone who has evaded paying duty can pay up the amount along with a nominal penalty. 
Property conveyance cannot be executed unless stamp duty is paid on flat-purchase agreements, which leads to problems later, specially when owners wish to redevelop their buildings. Besides that, getting bank loans against such properties also becomes difficult.
Those willing to benefit from amnesty scheme, will not have to pay the penalty which starts from two per cent per month. 
Instead, a penalty of Rs 500 would be levied if the stamp duty paid is below Rs 25,000 and Rs 1000 if the stamp duty paid is above Rs 25,000. 
Stamp duty is the second highest revenue source for the Maharashtra government. In Mumbai alone Rs 6,500 crore was collected from 1.5 lakh stamp duty registrations in 2007. 
The amnesty scheme would be applicable only for residential properties. This is the fourth Stamp Duty Amnesty scheme, the earlier one was announced in 2005.

Buildings will have to allot 20% parking space for EV charging: Govt   07-01-2019

 NEW DELHI: Residential and commercial complexes will have to allot 20% of their parking space for electric vehicle charging facilities, while eateries will have to reserve space for kiosks as per the new guidelines of the housing and urban development ministry. 

The department of town and country planning under the ministry has issued guidelines to provide for electric vehicle charging infrastructureNSE -0.32 % through addendum to Model Building Bye-Laws, 2016 and Urban and Regional Development Plan Formulation and Implementation Guidelines, 2014. The guidelines on charging infrastructure mandate provisions in various buildings.
“Based on the occupancy pattern and the total parking provisions in the premises of the various building types, charging infrastructures shall be provided only for electric vehicles, which is currently assumed to be 20% of all ‘vehicle holding capacity’ at the premise. Additionally, the building premises have to have an additional power load, equivalent to power of all the charging points operated simultaneously,” the guidelines said.

A bank consortium shaping up for hsg soc self-redevelopment   30-12-2018

 As MDCC bank pledges Rs 852 crore to 26 housing societies, CM Fadnavis mulling a policy on self-redevelopment; MHADA too jumps into the fray.

On the third floor of the Mumbai Bank Bhavan at Fort, a small crowd is gathered outside the cabins of housing activist Chandrashekhar Prabhu who works there in an advisory capacity, and the chairperson of Mumbai District Central Cooperative (MDCC Bank) Praveen Darekar.

Both Prabhu and Darekar who is also a BJP MLC are votaries of the fast-catching trend of housing societies going in for self-redevelopment. At present, 650 societies have applied to MDCC for self-redevelopment.

“Why do societies go to the builder-developer? Because he takes care of all the permissions required for construction and has the capital to do the project. In self-development, the Society appoints the contractor who gets all the permissions and our bank takes care of the capital,” explains Darekar.

High Court Stamps Out Unfair Duty On Resale Of Old Properties   18-12-2018

 There's good news for Mumbaikars who've been eyeing old properties, but stayed away because of prohibitive stamp duty rates. In a landmark judgment, the Bombay High Court has put an end to the age-old practice of collecting stamp duty retrospectively on resale of old properties and imposing hefty penalty for past sale agreements that are now regarded as insufficiently stamped or not registered.

The high court was hearing a case regarding the resale of a posh 3,300-sq-feet (carpet area) apartment in Tahnee Heights Cooperative Housing Society at Napean Sea Road. The last time this apartment was sold was in 1979, when the owners had paid a stamp duty of Rs 10. This was in the good old days when an agreement could be formalised with stamp duty of Rs 5 or Rs 10.

Victory for cooperative societies, as Supreme Court approves the principle of mutuality, for CHS income   24-10-2018

The Supreme Court has upheld the principle of mutuality, which states that a person cannot make profit from himself. We look at how this ruling will affect the levy of tax on receipts, such as non-occupancy charges, transfer fees, service charges, common amenity funds, etc

The Supreme Court (SC) of India recently provided a big relief to cooperative societies (societies), by dismissing the claim of the income tax authorities on levy of tax on various receipts (for example, non-occupancy charges, transfer fees, service charges, common amenity funds, etc.) collected by such societies. The dispute of the tax authorities revolved around a notification dated 09.08.2001, issued under section 79A of the Maharashtra Cooperative Societies Act, 1960 and its applicability on such societies.


MIG societies in tizzy over babu's 16- days flip-flop   14-11-2018

 After passing a stay on the redevelopment of six housing societies in Bandra East on September 28, co-operative department's deputy registrar changes his own order on October 15 without any explanation.

Even the state doesn't know what to make of the ongoing battle over one of the city's beiggest redevelopment projects.Withing the span of a month, the state's department of cooperatives has passed two contradictory orders on six MIG societies in Bandra East - first, imposing a stay on the redevelopment, and then backing off in the second one, claiming lack of jurisdiction.

Mumbai: BMC To Explore If Private Parking Spaces Could Turn Into A Public One   30-10-2018

City to appoint consultant to study all private and public parking spaces to explore if slots in residential buildings can be opened to public for a few hours every day.

To decongest city roads, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) might be parking up the wrong tree, possibly in your housing society. As part of deciding the rules and regulations for implementing the parking authority promised in Development Plan 2034, the civic body is mulling over allowing public parking in private spaces, specifically in housing societies. However, it won't be implemented before consultants decide on its feasibility.

Highly-placed BMC sources revealed that guidelines will be framed only after a consultant is appointed to first survey the parking pattern of the entire city. Civic officials said consultants will have the scope to identify ways to reduce the load of parked vehicles on the road, as well as create ample parking space with proper planning, by possibly raking in private parking spaces under the parking authority promised in the DP.

Housing society not an industry even if it earns profit: HC   04-10-2018

MUMBAI: A housing society is not an industry, the Bombay high court has ruled.Justice Suresh Gupte,in a significant order,quashed a labour court's order asking a house society in Mumbai to reinstate a watchman whose services were terminated. The labour court had held that since the society earned a profit from the additional income that it earned from its members for displayig neon signs, it was an industry. The society said that the services provided by a watchman were personal in nature.

"Merely because the society levied some extra charges from a few of its members for display of neon signs,the society cannot be treated as an industry carrying on the business of hiring out of neon signs or allowing display of advertisements,"said Justice Gupte.


Forced donations sought by housing societies illegal: HC   03-09-2018

Mumbai: In a setback to housing societies who get members to make a 'voluntary donation' at the time of sale of flat,the Bombay high court has ruled such payments are illegal. A housing society can not recover excessive tranfser fee from a member under the guise of 'voluntary donation',the court has ruled.

Thirteen yesrs after a pune resident had claimed he was pressured to pay around Rs.5 lakh as voluntary donation if he wanted to sell his bungalow property,Justice Mridula Bhatkar ordered the housing society to refund the amount with interest.

"A cooperative housing not expected to indulge in profiteering from members and,if such amount is earned,then it is taxable under the law.There is no bar on any member to pay a donation to the society, but it should be voluntary,"said Justice Bhatkar.

Skip GB, lose hsg society rights   23-07-2018

Habitual absentees to be tagged ‘inactive’, may lose right to vote

Housing society members, who are habitually absent from society meetings, maybe in for some bad news even as the government prepares to curb the fundamental rights of these flat owners.

In a recent order by the state commissioner for cooperation and registrar of cooperative societies issued to all the divisional and district deputy registrar of cooperative housing societies asking for such habitually absent members as ‘inactive’. The order says that any member, who continues to skip the general body meetings for five consecutive years, will also lose the right to cast his vote during society elections as well as the right to contest the election.

Hsg societies to face strict action if they overcharge any member   13-08-2018

As complaints rise, stringent order issued on legal action to be taken on cooperative committees that charge over Rs 25,000 as transfer fees

While cooperative housing societies are notorious for imposing some of the strictest rules for residency, they have now received a rap on the knuckles themselves from the government for exploiting new members that come to them.

After receiving several complaints that such societies are illegally levying extra transfer charges and transfer premiums from flat owners, the state commissioner for cooperation and registrar of cooperative societies has cracked down on these inconsistencies, issuing a stringent order to all deputy district registrars (DDR) of co-operative societies to initiate legal action against offending office-bearers, if found guilty of such actions.

Housing Society Reforms Need More Amendments   06-08-2018

A provision for heavy penalty for office bearers is expected to keep people away from working in honorary capacity in their buildings.

Growing urbanisation has increased the number of registered co-operative housing societies in Maharashtra to a lakh or so. A housing society is formed when a developer hands over all his real estate stock to buyers to use it as a residential or commercial place. The hand over means the flat owners are henceforth supposed to maintain the building in a cooperative set up prescribed under the state law, that particularly deals with the housing sector.

Of late, the very law had created problems for the people who work in an honorary capacity in housing societies, because it was mandated in 2013 that elections for cooperatives, including housing in the state, must be held under the control of the Maharashtra State Co-operative Election Authority. Those who were forced to take the new route found it tedious and expensive. At times, they were misled by the election officials when it came to charging the fee to conduct elections. Rules were flouted and members pressured into shelling out more money.

Maharashtra: Housing societies can conduct elections on their own, but govt tightens noose around violators   01-08-2018

A society’s managing committee will invite a fine of Rs 25,000 if it failed to submit audit accounts and other mandatory documents.

While housing societies in Maharashtra having less than 200 members will now be able to hold their elections in the annual general meeting every five years, the state government on Tuesday adopted provisions enhancing the accountability of managing committee members.

Under the new provisions adopted by the Cabinet on Tuesday, the society’s managing committee will invite a fine of Rs 25,000 if it failed to submit the audit accounts and other mandatory documents to the state cooperatives department within the set deadline. The government has also made failure to submit self-declaration documents of managing committee members an offence.

Mumbai: BMC Knows About Illegal Alterations In Your Flat   15-04-2018

 The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation's (BMC) move to increase revenue from property tax is going to burn a hole in the pockets of citizens - especially those with illegal alterations inside their flats.

The civic body has completed a 360 degree Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) survey of over three lakh properties in the city in order to identify additional area used by citizens illegally. The survey has found more than one lakh variations, and these will now be minutely scrutinised. Property tax will increase three-fold for those who have extended their properties.
The variations include extension of balcony, addition of pillars, extending the house by taking in the flower bed area among many others. The officials said these deviations will now be further checked thoroughly by means of video-recording and capturing close images of structures. Following the scrutiny, societies will be intimated about property owners who will have to shell out three times more in tax.

Builder must pay taxes until all property is transferred to society   12-04-2018

 A Builder or developer must pay expenses such as property tax, Until they transfer the entire property to a cooperative housing society, the Mumbai suburban district consumer forum held on wednesda. 

"Admittedly, the property has not been conveyed and so it would be the duty of opponents (the builder) to pay property taxes,"said a bench of forum president MY Mankar and member SR Sanap.

Maharashtra to have separate office for cooperative housing societies related issues   10-04-2018

The Maharashtra government will set up a separate office to deal with issues concerning cooperative housing societies to protect the interest of residents, state cooperation minister Subhash Deshmukh said on Monday. 

"The new chapter (technical term for such an office) will be ready in 3-4 months. Some rules governing cooperative housing societies would be redefined and some new ones enacted to protect the interest of residents. The state will also allocate separate staff and machinery for this," the minister informed. 

A senior Cooperation department official said that there are around one lakh cooperative housing societies in the state, with around two crore people living in them, and dealing with their issues was creating problems with the audit and functioning of other cooperative societies which number about 2.5 lakh statewide. 

These include sugar and banking cooperatives, the official informed. 

"A separate office will expedite issues related to housing societies like registration, deemed conveyance, redevelopment, land ownership and the like," he explained. 

Housing society cannot charge fee for new admissions: HC   12-04-2018

The Bombay high court has ruled that a housing society cannot charge an admission fee to admit a new member. Twenty-five years after a SoBo society charged Rs15 lakh for admitting a new member, Justice Suresh Gupte said that amount was wrongly charged.

The judge held the housing society could not have made rules to charge five per cent of sale price of a flat when an apartment is sold. “It is important to bear in mind that the demand of admission fees in the sum of five per cent of the sale price for the purpose of admitting a new member against purchase of a flat, has no legal sanction or propriety under the scheme of the Maharashtra Cooperative Society Act, Rules and byelaws,” said Justice Gupte.
“Membership of a cooperative society is an open membership. It is not possible to put any restriction on such membership save and except as may be provided under the (law)... If any person were to be refused admission on account of nonpayment of a certain fee or charge, such fee or charge must be legally justified so as to give rise to such sufficient cause,” the judge said. The court said there was no provision of law that enables a housing society to pass a resolution to charge admission fees. The society’s lawyer claimed the fee was justified as it protected members’ interest against sharp increase in monthly maintenance as a result of general inflation and increase in government levies and insurance premium. The court rejected the contention. “That may at best be a psychological justification for passing of such resolution, but it still is no legal justification. In law, it must be shown that the society, which is a creature of statute, has the power to take the particular action complained of within the framework of such statute or otherwise under law.


It’s a victory of sorts for conservationists in the long-drawn battle between heritage and development. The Mumbai Heritage Conservation Committee (MHCC) has suggested that nearly 80 per cent art-deco buildings in the Marine Drive heritage precinct cannot be allowed to rise up to 58 meters to generate funds for redevelopment and repairs.

No flat owner can put personal things in common space   15-07-2016

 In a city where flat owners brazenly attempt to maximise every square inch of space available, a consumer forum has observed that no flat owner has the right to putflower pots or personal belongings in the common passage in front of the flat.

Housing society converts 2K kg of waste into 650kg of manure   28-06-2016

 As the city’s dumping grounds continue to be overburdened with tonnes of garbage piling up everyday, a housing society in Vile Parle has been segregating and composting its own waste.

Government to plant 2 crore trees on July 1   15-06-2016

 In Maharashtra, the green cover is only 20% against the required 33.5%. Out of a total of 307 lakh hectares, only 61.35 lakh hectares are under green cover.

Govt announces 0.5 per cent Krishi Kalyan Cess to fund farm programmes   30-05-2016

The government on Monday announced a Krishi Kalyan Cess of 0.5 per cent on all taxable services effective from June 1 this year to fund farm initiatives. It also proposed cut in excise duty on irrigation pumps and soil nutrients besides slashing import duty on cold storage related equipments.

Court can sign transfer deed, if builder doesn't   11-05-2016

 When a conveyance deed to transfer the land and building in favour of the co-operative society is not executed, it is possible to approach the consumer forum for a direction to the builder to execute it. 

Developer can’t transfer building conveyance to another firm, society is real owner: HC   04-05-2016

Mumbai: Three decades after a building came up on a portion of a land in the city, the bid by its owner to convey the property to another firm for developing another part of the plot has come under the scanner of the Bombay high court.

Registrar of Cooperative Societies has no jurisdiction to decide on tenability of suit against societies.   28-04-2016

It is not the business of the Registrar to consider the merits and in particular the tenability of a pending suit and hold it to be untenable and thereupon refuse leave to continue the suit. The Civil Court is perfectly competent to decide whether the suit before it is tenable or not, the Bench said. 

Builder told to pay Rs 20k/month penalty for delay in project   28-04-2016

Lucknow:The National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission has ordered Parsvnath Developers to pay a monthly penalty to buyers for delay in handing over flats in Parsvnath Planet, a residential project in the city's Gomtinagar locality.


Court can sign transfer deed, if builder doesn't   25-04-2016

When a conveyance deed to transfer the land and building in favour of the co-operative society is not executed, it is possible to approach the consumer forum for a direction to the builder to execute it.

SC: If there's a nominee, others' rights subservient   21-04-2016

 The Supreme Court has ruled that a man is legally entitled to nominate his married daughter to own his cooperative society flat after his death, depriving his wife and only son.

Socities urged to help increase green cover in city   20-04-2016

 As Mumbai continues to get lost under a stifling shroud of pollution and crowd, the state authorities have instructed cooperative societies in the state, including in the metropolis, to plant trees and saplings as part of the Vanmahotsava celebration on July 1. 

Developer can't claim extra FSI for building plan rejig   

 Builders generally tend to keep revising plans so that they can get the benefit of the additional FSI which may become available due to change in government policies and development control regulations. 

Charges for Co-operative Education Training   

As per MCS Act 24(a) each co-operative society has to give Co-operative education to its members from State level or District level co-operative education institute.
As per rule 20B & 30A training period for Managing Committee  is minimum 1 days and maximum 3 days in 5 year.For other members of society training should be completed in 5 years . Training period  is minimum 1 days and maximum 3 days.

How to define Active Members.   

 Following are the criteria for the Active Members.
1. One who has purchased and owns a Flat / Unit in the society.
2. One who attends at least one General Body Meeting of the Society in the previous Five consecutive years.
3. Who has paid the Society Maintenance Service and other charges at least once in previous consecutive Five years. 

5 guidelines if you are planning to redevelop the housing society   

In most metros such as Mumbai, redevelopment of old residential buildings is a normal and desirable occurrence. Without redevelopment, there would be no new supply in the fully developed city centres. Also, redevelopment is necessary because every building has an inbuilt shelf-life, after which it becomes unsafe, unattractive to the market and difficult to maintain.

No Stamp Duty Required for transfer of Property’ to relatives   23-03-2016

Hon’ble Revenu Minister Eknath Khadase announced in Assembly on 25-03–2015 that Govt. waives stamp duty on transfer of land or flat immovable property to Kin or family members. He announced that now immovable property such as land, house or flat can be transferred to Owner’s Children or even to blood relatives simply by executing transfer deed on Rs. 500/- stamp paper without paying stamp duty and registration fee. This announcement will give good relief to the families of transferors as they will not require to pay 5% stamp duty at market value as per ready Reckoner. Minister further clarified that in such an event it will be sufficient if transfer document is executed on Rs.. 500/- stamp-paper.

New property tax rules for mumbai gets BMC nod   

Mar 20 2015,MUMBAI: The municipal corporation has revised the base for calculating property tax to carpet area from the current built-up space system.

BMC estimates 15% gain in property tax revenues with new rules   

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is expecting a 15 per cent gain in property tax collection across the city, with its revised set of rules for property tax collection for 2015-2020. 

Property tax: Sena flashes ‘Marathi manoos’ card again   

 March 21, 2015 :Playing its ‘Marathi manoos’ card once again, the Shiv Sena, which rules the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), has decided to further extend the exemption granted to tenants in houses smaller than 500 sq ft from paying property taxes based on the capital value of their flats.

Mumbai: BMC goes easy on redeveloping own buildings    

 26Nov2014,MUMBAI:Whenever the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) plans to demolish a building found to be dangerous, usually there is strong opposition from the residents, leading to a delay. 

Housing societies wracked by graft, mismanagement   

Nov 23 2014,MUMBAI: Around 90% of nearly 70,000 housing societies in the Mumbai metro region have not submitted annual returns, cooperatives officials said. 

40% housing societies in Mumbai region did not hold polls for 3 years   

Nov 20 2014, Mumbai:Members in big housing societies or townships, which have more than 200 members, will have to cast vote through secret ballot to elect their new management committees.

Are you paying a higher maintenance bill for housing society?   

Ashwini Rao, 31, had been paying a fixed amount every month to her cooperative housing society in Mumbai as maintenance charges. However, two years ago, when the managing committee asked her to cough up an additional Rs 1,000 for keeping a pet, she was taken by surprise.

Housing society elections: Know your rights to challenge the position held by members   

Under the Cooperative Societies Act, a proper procedure has been laid down for conducting elections to appoint a managing committee. Ideally, one must start the election process about two months before the end of the existing managing committee's term. The latter needs to put forward a notice of its expiry and invite members to contest the next election.

Housing societies slam doors on singles ‘ready to mingle’    

 October 23, 2014:The latest in a set of unwritten “rules” followed by housing societies while letting out flats to people in the city is  “no singles allowed” 

Property tax payment simplified, BMC starts issuing bills to citizens   

 Saturday, 16 August 2014,Often at the receiving end of a great deal of criticism, the civic body has won high praise for simplifying property tax payments.

State ‘lease’ of life to co-op housing societies    

August 13, 2014 Mumbai : Thousands of co-operative housing societies (CHSs) on the land leased out by CIDCO will now get the benefit of deemed conveyance norms. Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan has given orders to CIDCO in this regard.


Builder to pay Rs 2 lakh for not registering Mumbai housing society   

 Jun 12, 2014, MUMBAI: Holding a builder's firm guilty of deficiency in service for not forming and registering a cooperative housing society 25 years after the first residents moved in, the Mumbai Suburban District Consumer Disputes Resdressal Forum has ordered it to pay Rs 2.10 lakh compensation.

Won't demolish unauthorised floors in Manav Kalyan Cooperative Housing Society: MCGM to HC   

7June,2014,Mumbai: The Bombay High Court has accepted an undertaking given by Municipal Corporation of GreaterMumbai ( MCGM) that at least for.

Members of Prabhat society have decided to come together on the day of elections to ensure that everyone goes out to vote   

April 24,2014,The residents of Prabhat society at Mazgaon have come up with a unique way to spend the day of election. For the entire day of Thursday, they have planned food, entertainment and contests for society members who will cast their votes in the Lok Sabha elections.

Owners can pay property tax under old regime: Bombay high court   

 Dec 31,2013,Mumbai: Providing relief to property tax payers, the Bombay high court, in an interim order, has directed some property owners to go by the old regime and to pay 25% of the differential amount. 

Ire and fire at top SoBo society over parking ‘ghotala’   

  Mar 26, 2014,It's here that Nina and biscuit baron Rajan Pillai threw their famed soirees, as does actress Nandita Das these days.

Is your housing society holding elections?   

Feb 10 2014,  Girish Shah has been the general secretary of a housing society in Mumbai's western suburbs for the past eight years.

Supreme Court clarification on VAT paid by Builders & Developers   

February 21, 2014, The Supreme Court clarified that the activity of construction undertaken by the builder would be works contract only from the stage the developer enters into a contract with the flat purchaser.

Levy of Service Tax   

If per month per member contribution of any or some members of a RWA exceeds five thousand rupees, the entire contribution of such members whose per month contribution exceeds five thousand rupees would be ineligible for the exemption under the said notification. Service tax would then be leviable on the aggregate amount of monthly contribution of such members.

May19,2013:Know your rights before opting for redevelopment   

If you reside in an old building, located in a prime area, it is likely builders have come up with a flood of offers to redevelop your society.A society needs to have a society registration certificate, an original building plan, a sale deed, a copy of resolution, an agreement and a title certificate. The society would also need a property card and an NA (non-agricultural) order.

Maharashtra cooperatives election authority set up   

Maharashtra supervision for society elections   

Maharashtra may pass anti-superstition Bill in winter session   

Now, calculate your property tax online   

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has introduced an online calculator to compute property taxes.The system, uploaded by the BMC recently, will help citizens compute property taxes using the right formula and ready-reckoner rates.

Sinking Fund properties   

Every Co-operative society, in particular a housing Society, should invariably create sinking fund by setting a part of the income on monthly basis. This is necessary for incurring expenditure required for undertaking major repair or reconstruction of the ageing building. Unfortunately, majority of the Co-operative Housing Societies make nominal provision or no provision at all for sinking fund. And when major repair is necessary for the building, flat owners are called upon to contribute required amount for undertaking repairs. This creates difficulties. Hence every Housing Society should make provision for sinking fund is monthly bills

August 29 2013,Inadequate water supply?You can ask for bigger pipeline   

Saturday 21September 2013,Dharavi redevlopment to add 15,000 new homes   

September 14 2013,Ensure Accuracy in the amount   

 Adjudication of stamp duty enables you tu figure out the right sum

Sat 14 Sep 2013, Give flat to buyer or cough up mkt value: Panel orders builder   

 Complainant will get Rs 60 lakh for the apartment he bought in 2008 for Rs 19 lakh, in addition to Rs 330,000 as compensation.

Thursday September 5 2013,Housing societies enthusiastic for the upcoming Ganeshotsav   

Aug 23 2013,Mumbai builder cooks up fake railway station, bridge to sell property   

2Aug,2013 Carpet area cheating costs builder Rs 1.6L   

 Consumer court pulls up developer for failing to keep promise.

July 31st 2013,20 years on, builder pays couple Rs 25L in exchange for 2 flats   

Monday July 29,2013 SoBo on a high with hiked FSI   

Friday July 26 2013 Soon, you can get cheap veggies in your housing society   

July 25,2013 Record Deal Shakes Bandra Realty   

 Emotion comes at a premium even in the city’s ruthless realty market.Check this out.

July 5 2013,Now, pay 1 percent TDS on buying property   

Houses and other immovable assets worth over Rs 50 lakh in Mumbai metropolitan region will attract the new tax regime introduced for realty transactions from Jun 1..

Framework of Coooperative Housing Society   

Housing Societies are covered by the following regulatory provisions:

1.  Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, 1960 ( MCSA)

2.  Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Rules, 1961(MCSR)

3.  Bye-laws governing the day- to-day functioning of the society as approved by the registrar at the time of registration of the society or amended thereafter. (Bye-laws)


June 22,2013:Mumbra building collapse: Anti-demolition netas now evade responsibility   

In the wake of the Lucky Compound building collapse and subsequent civic action, arch political rivals Jitendra Awhad (NCP) and Eknath Shinde (Shiv Sena) had shared a dais in April with a common.

June 3,2013:Relax, green hurdles for high-rises likely to go   

Now, several high-rise projects in the city may get a new lease of life. Chief minister Prithviraj Chavan’s attempt last week, to convince the planning commission of India to relax the stringent norms set.

June 22,2013:Frame policy to raze illegal bldgs: High court   

 Seeing little or no action taken by the authorities concerned in demolishing unauthorised structures in the city and its neighbouring districts, the Bombay high court has directed the chief.

Real estate bill makes buyer the king   

 Jun 8, 2013 With the Union Cabinet approving the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Bill, the country's highly unregulated and unorganized real estate sector moves a step closer towards greater transparency and compliance.

Society non-occupancy charges   

In terms of the government circular dated August 1, 2001, non-occupancy charges should not be charged more than 10% of the service charges excluding municipal taxes.If a member gives his flat to his near relative such as mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, sadu, grand son, grand daughter or to a relative approved by the society, non-occupancy charges are not to be levied.

Recording of Minutes of Society Meetings   






As per the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act 1960 and Bye-laws all proceedings of meetings of Housing Society needs to be recorded in the Minute Book as a statutory requirement. Minutes contain inter alia a description of the type of meeting to which they relate, its date, time and venue, and it also records attendance of members in the meeting, confirmation of minutes of previous meeting, decisions taken process at the meeting, discussions held, voting on resolutions, etc. 


VIP societies in Worli owe Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation over Rs 18cr tax   

The VIP-occupied Shubhada and Sukhada co-operative housing societies in Worli owe the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) over Rs 18 crore as outstanding dues for property tax.

No relief for south Mumbai housing society members in fire safety case   

 Office-bearers of Jolly Maker-I cooperative housing society in Cuffe Parade suffered a setback on Monday when the Bombay high court turned down their plea to quash a criminal case filed against them by the civic body for lapses in fire safety norms.

Amendment to Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act approved   

The Maharashtra cabinet has approved amending the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, 1960, state minister for co-operation Harshvardhan Patil said in Mumbai on Thursday.

Citizens ask for separate legislation for cooperative societies   

Mumbaikars have asked for a separate legislation for co-operative housing societies to spare them from new provisions of Ordinance which has been framed to suit the agriculture, sugar, dairy and credit societies in the state.