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Obligatory Agenda for First General Body Meeting (After Registration)





First General Body Meeting obligatory agenda (After registration):

  1. To elect a Chairman for the meeting
  2. To admit persons to membership who have applied for membership of the society.
  3. To elect a provisional Managing Committee
  4. To receive and approve the statement of account as prepared by the Chief Promoter of the society up to 14 days prior to the first general body meeting of the society.
  5. To authorize the committee to secure conveyance of right title and interest in the property in the name of the society from the promoter builder
  6. To impose restrictions on raising loan amount from outside
  7. To appoint internal auditor and to fix his remuneration
  8. To authorize one of the members of the provisional committee to call the first meeting of the provisional committee
  9. To take decision about taking membership of District Housing Federation and other institutions
  10. To give power to one member of provisional management committee to call meeting of the managing committee
  11. To consider the matters raised by the member except these matters which are necessary for giving advance notice with the permission of chairman and eleventh hour matter and to make resolution in that regard.