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Society NOC form for Bank Loan


Co-operative Housing Society Ltd.
(REGD No. BOM/XXX/HSG/(TC)/00000/2000-2000)
SURVEY NO….PLOT NO….3,CTS NO…., ., …., MUMBAI – 400000
















<Bank Name>



Dear Sirs,


Re:Flat No.000 of <Member Name> in the building called  <Society Name & Address>.



This is to confirm that our above named society registered under REGD No.BOM/XXX/HSG/(TC)/00000/2006/2007) dated 00.00.0000 is the owner of the above building registered under No._____________ dated ____________________



<Member Name> has purchased the flat no.000 from <Seller Name> a member (“the member”) of our Society and share certificate No.XX for shares bearing distinctive Nos.XX to XX. The transfer of Shares Certificates/Flat in their names is under process.



We confirm that there are no restrictive/negative covenants in the Bye laws/Rules of the above mentioned society concerning the transfer of shares/members interest in the society and other related matters.


We confirm that we have no objection to your giving a loan to the said member of the society and his/her mortgaging the said flat to you by way of security for repayment of the said loan.



Yours faithfully,






(Secretary AND/OR Chairman/President)