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Nomination Form



 [Under the Bye-law No.32]
Form of Nomination to be Furnished in Triplicate 
The Secretary 
 ____________________Co-operative Housing Society Ltd., 
1. I, Shri/Smt. _____________________ am the member of the _____________________ Co-operative Housing Society 
Ltd., having address at _____________________ 
2. I hold the share certificate no. _____________________ dated fully paid up shares of Rupees fifty each, bearing number 
from_____________________ to _____________________ (both inclusive), issued by the said society to me. 
3. I also hold the Flat No. _____________________ admeasuring_____________________sq. meters, in the building of the 
said society, known numbered as _____________________ 
4. As provided under Rule 25 of the Maharashtra Co-op. Societies Rules, 1961, I hereby nominate the person/s whose 
particulars are as given below. 
 Sr. Name/s of the Permanent Relationship Share of Date of 
 No. Nominee/s Addresses of the with the each Birth of 
 Nominee/s Nominator Nominee if the Nominee/s 
 (percentage) is a minor 
 1 2 3 4 5 6 
5. As provided under Section 30 of the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, 1960, and the Bye-law no 36 of the Society I 
state that on my death the shares mentioned above and my interest in the flat, the details of which are given above, should 
be transferred to Shri/Smt. _____________________the first named nominee, on his/her complying with the provisions of 
the Bye-laws of the society regarding requirements of admission to membership and on furnishing *indemnity Bond, along 
with the application for membership, indemnifying the society against any claims made to the said shares and my interest 
in the said flat by other nominee/nominees. 
6. As the nominee at Sr. No. _____________________ is the minor, I hereby appoint Shri/Smt. _____________________as 
the guardian/legal representative of the minor to represent the minor nominee in matters connected with this nomination. 
Place : Signature of the Nominator Member 
Date : Witnesses : 
Name and Addresses of Witnesses. 
(1) Shri/Smt. _____________________ (1) Signature of the Witness 
 Address _____________________ 
(2) Shri/Smt. _____________________ (2) Signature of the Witness 
 Address _____________________ 
The nomination was placed in the meeting of the managing committee of the society held on _____________________ for being 
recorded in its minutes. The nomination has been recorded in the nomination register at Sr. No. _____________________ 
Date: Secretary 
 _____________________Co-op. Housing Society Ltd. 
Received the duplicate copy of the nomination. 
Date: Nominator-Member 
* Indemnity Bond is not required to be furnished in case of a single nominee.